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We Can Make Your Old Metal Look Like New Again!

Magna-Kote’s superior painting process is the perfect alternative to conventional painting especially when over-spray is a concern. At Magna-Kote we have the experience and passion to make your next paint project exceed your expectations.

Industrial, commercial, or residential Magna-Kote can transform wrought iron fences, staircases, file cabinets, office furniture, or lockers… almost anything metal can be transformed with thousands of color choices – painted to a factory like finish – that simply cannot be duplicated using conventional painting processes.

Magna-Kote Adventages...

Excellent Corrosion Protection and Prevention

Protect Your Valuable Investment.

Superior Painting Process

Leaves A Factory Like Finish in Your Choice of Color.

Saves Time and Moving Expenses

File Cabinets and Equipment Can Be Left Full and in Place​.

Save Up To 90% From Buying New!

Virtually No Overspray!

We Paint Metal!

  •  Metal And Wrought Iron Fences
  •  Lockers
  •  File Cabinets / Medical Cabinets And Equipment
  •  Bathroom Partitions
  •  Hand Rails
  •  Window Mullions
  •  Metal Furniture / Metal Containers
  •  Food Cases
  •  Roll Up Doors
  •  Signs And Light Posts

Electrostatic Painting

In this unique coating process, an electrostatic field is created between a paint gun applicator and the metal items to be refinished. The paint is actually drawn to the surface eliminating overspray. Since the paint is drawn the object being painted any seams or irregular surfaces are penetrated with paint for added protection.

What Our Clients Say...

It is with great enthusiasm that I thank you for the work you have done for the District 3 “Sacramento presence” office. You have had to work in the worst possible conditions and space limitations and still have done a superlative job and with a positive attitude.
Dept. of Transportation
Our plant administration office has recently taken on remodeling. Part of our upgrading was metal office furniture and equipment. We have over 300 office furniture items, such as desks, bookcases, filing cabinets, and drafting tables that needed refinishing.
Libbey Owens-Ford Company
I would like to thank you and your employees for the quick and efficient painting of our office furniture. As you know, we had a variety of color schemes running through the office and your service helped us to pull it all together to make a more professional looking office.

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