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Magna-Kote Electrostatic Painting

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What kind of objects will electrostatic painting work on?

Electrostatic painting works on almost anything metal: wrought iron, aluminum or steel – fences, file cabinets, bathroom partitions, hand rails, medical cabinets and equipment, window mullions, roll-up doors, food cases, metal furniture, metal containers, signs and light posts, gates, railings, lockers, flashing, gutters and more. Even chain-link fences get a perfect finish with no runs or drips.

Wait, no drips? How does that work?

Magna-Kote’s electrostatic paint process attracts the paint to the metal and holds it there. Any areas of excess paint are ‘evened out’ until there is a smooth coat of paint over the entire surface. This greatly reduces run-off and makes cleaning up afterwards a breeze. The electrostatic process pulls paint around corners and through cracks until the entire object is covered with a mirror-like finish.

Oh, I read about this. Doesn’t it require the use of a big oven?

You’re thinking about “powder-coating,” a related technique. In electrostatic painting no baking is required – making it perfect for projects too big for ovens and projects that must be done on site – like fences, lockers and other large metal structures or entire classrooms full of desks.

What type of paint does Magna-Kote use?

We use only the highest quality enamel and urethane paints. Due to the unique process, electrostatic painting will last twice as long as traditional paint jobs. The quality and durability of electrostatic paint far surpasses normal bushes or sprays – saving you money because you won’t have to repaint as frequently.

Can Magna-Kote match any color of paint?

Magna-Kote has paints available in a variety of colors. Don’t see what you like? Look for a color at Sherman Williams or other supplier and we’ll use that. Still can’t find a perfect match? We’ll make one for you. Magna-Kote has the ability to match any color sample you can provide.

My metal fence is in pretty bad shape. Can you do anything for me?

In many cases, our electrostatic paint process will clean up pitting and rusting of all kinds. If your fence is severely damaged, we have experts on call that can repair your fence. We can make your old fence look brand new with a few small repairs and a factory finish with Magna-Kote paints.

Will Magna-Kote paint overnight or on weekends?

Absolutely! We work around our clients’ schedules. Often we will refinish an entire office worth of metal cabinets and have them ready to use in the morning. Or an entire school full of lockers and desks over a single weekend.

What regions does Magna-Kote service?

We serve the entire northern California region – including Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Modesto Stockton, Redding, Napa, Sonoma, Placerville, Grass Valley, Chico, Granite Bay, Tahoe City – as well as the western parts of Nevada.

What is electrostatic painting?

Electrostatic painting is a process where an electrostatic field is created between a metal object and the paint itself. The paint is mixed with some chemical catalysts and given an electrical charge to give it a “positive charge”. The metal object itself is grounded thereby giving it a “negative charge”. Between them an electrostatic field is created. Much like two poles on a magnet, the negative charged metal object literally draws the positive charged paint to it and holds it there. The whole process is administered with some very specialized painting equipment.

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